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Apostille certification

Apostille certification

Apostille is a stamp in the form of a square, certifying legal force of the document for its use abroad.

The apostille text is standard, in accordance with the Hague Convention (1961). It can be a stamp put or attached directly to the document or to a separate sheet. The Hague Convention signatories have agreed that the duly apostilled documents do not require additional legalization.

 A list of countries that acceded to the Hague Convention as of 2015, is available on Wikipedia.

 You should take care of putting down an apostille beforehand or you will have to send the documents back to the issuing country. If you obtained official documents in one of these countries, and you are going to make use of them within the territory of the Republic of Belarus, you have to put down an apostille in the issuing country. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to translate and notarize the translated document.

 If you intend to use Belarusian documents abroad, namely, in one of the countries listed above, our company is ready to facilitate the procedure of putting down an apostille.

 We suggest saving your time and make translation, apostillize and notarize your documents in our company at favourable prices!